Presentation of the « Barn’s Haute Lunetterie» group:

Contrary to the big name companies that offers mass produced standardized eyeglasses and sunglasses, the brands offer a radical and innovative approach with regard to luxury eyewear.

The label "Made in France" has never been more relevant when speaking about this French designer’s hand-drawn models and who himself has been surrounded by the best master craftsmen in France since the birth of the project, in order to create high quality glasses whether chosen for comfort or for design. 

The designer has defined the terms of the production conforming strictly to the codes of high-end eyewear, a secular expertise, the art of the master eyeglass craftsman “maître lunetier”.

« Portait » of the Barn’s designer :

As a certified and trained optician, the young founder spent his childhood among artistic circles frequented by his mother, a sculptor, and scientist circles by his father, a surgeon, who inspired in him a certain kind of boldness in creation and a desire to incessantly redefine esthetic standards with all the technical requirements.

He began to scribble his first models on paper and the temptation was great to reexamine the grand masterpieces of painting in particular, drawing his models on the portrait of Mona Lisa or the paintings of Picasso.

After many years of experience in the eyewear market he decided to launch is own label, wich he gave his nickname: Barn’s.  

After having made unique custom made to order pieces, Barn’s decided to create eyeglass frames in limited series, available exclusively in selected shops, under the brand name “B.Barn’s”.

With the “Barn’s Egérie” collection, today he offers three lines of luxury eyewear made in France.

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